2 May 2024

Trials in potted rose cultivation

We do trials with different raw materials to learn more about the effects on pot roses.

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25 April 2024

Final result: Fuchsias grown in 50% peat-free substrate

Last January we posted a message about the cultivation of fuchsias in a 50% peat-free substrate.

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11 April 2024

Update Skimmia peat-free

October 2023, we published an article about Skimmia cultivation in a 40% circular mix and a 100% peat-free blend.

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4 March 2024

Presentation of peat free substrate at the HortiContact

We will be at the Horticontact in stand H107 on March 5, 6 and 7.

Here we present different types of circular raw materials such as bark, wood fiber, coir and compost.

In addition, there are various examples of green plants, pot roses and campanulas in a peat-free substrate.

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25 January 2024

Fuchsia in 50% peat-free compost

Kwekerij Mark Verbeek has been growing high-quality fuchsias and green plants for 21 years, which are available all year round. Nowadays he does this with substrate that contains less peat.

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21 December 2023

Positive developments on peat-free compost

In 2023, we have made significant developments in the field of substrates with reduced peat or even peat-free alternatives. We conducted numerous trials in collaboration with our clients, aiming to meet the widely-accepted agreements within the industry. Specifically, our goal is to integrate as much as 35% of circular raw materials into our substrates by 2025.

Additionally, we conducted experiments to meet the specific requirements posed by our clients' end-users - peat-free substrates

With the achieved results, we look optimistically towards 2024.

We wish everyone joyful holidays and a happy, healthy 2024. 

Below are some photos from the trials:

  • Cyclamen peat-free
  • Pansies peat-reduced
  • Fuchsias peat-reduced
  • Skimmia start peat-free and peat-reduced
  • Ellwoodii peat-free and peat-reduced
  • Goldcrest peat-reduced
  • Rooting of fuchsia cuttings peat-free
  • Primula peat-free
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8 December 2023

Research into mixing various raw materials

Due to the use of more and more different raw materials, it is important to keep a good grip on the production of substrates. For example, light raw materials such as wood fiber and heavy raw materials such as green compost have different behavior in the substrate.
Mixing these raw materials has an effect on nutritional content and air content. And this can have consequences for your cultivation.

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2 November 2023

Cyclamen trials peat-free

We supply various substrates for the Morel production trials 2023, including a 100% peat-free substrate.

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24 October 2023

Skimmia substrate 40% peat reduced and 100% peat-free

Growing plants in a peat-free substrate is a challenge, but growing a Skimmia in a peat-free substrate is even more complicated.

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6 October 2023

BOL introduces a new fertilizer

BOL introduces specially developed fertilizer for substrates with compost

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27 July 2023

Sowing & cutting compost

We have been producing specially developed sowing and cutting soil for professional horticulture for years.

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9 June 2023

Peat-reduced versus peat-free substrate for the cultivation of Ellwoodii


In collaboration with Delphy, we have initiated another trial this year. The main objective of this trial is to achieve uniform crop development of Ellwoodii under different conditions: a peat-reduced substrate and a peat-free substrate with a comparable moisture buffer.

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16 May 2023

Dianthus grown in 55% peat-free substrate.

Preesman Potplanten has beautiful Dianthus, this time grown in a 55% peat-free substrate.

Together with Kees Preesman, we are testing various substrates with more renewable raw materials to ensure our commitment to the future.

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24 March 2023

Peat-free substrate

We are actively working on transitioning to substrates with fewer peat products. Every day, we learn and improve together with the growers, gaining better control over the process. This allows us to produce excellent crops even with substrates that contain less peat.

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15 February 2023

BOL at the HortiContact.

We will be attending HortiContact in Gorinchem on February 14th, 15th, and 16th.

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12 January 2023

Our new company video!

We are very proud of the end result.

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25 November 2022

Brand new shovel

This week we received our brand new shovel.

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3 November 2022

100% peat free Cyclamen trials

For the MOREL Cyclamen production trials in 2022, we are supplying various substrates, including a peat-free substrate.

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3 September 2022

Bram van Paassen joins the management team.

Due to the company's growth, the management team of the substrate specialist in Hoek van Holland has been strengthened with the addition of Bram van Paassen, effective from July 1st, 2022.

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4 July 2022

The BOL handball team.

Sponsored clothing for the handball team.

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26 April 2022

To peat or not to peat

"To peat or not to peat" was the title of the presentation delivered by BOL during the study club meeting of the Boomteelt Studieclub Horst aan de Maas. The presentation took place following a tour of the newly established container fields at Arie Bouman Tuinplanten BV in Wijk en Aalburg. BOL, the main supplier of substrates to Bouman, was invited by COMPAS-AGRO to provide insights into the theme of peat reduction. Eric Forschelen, an advisor at BOL, also gave a brief summary of the trials conducted at Bouman in 2021, including the use of organic fertilizers.

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26 January 2022

New Big Bale Press

We are proud to announce that the new Big Bale Press has produced its first big bales.

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14 June 2021

Klaas Quartel has a new truck.

Klaas Quartel BV has put a new truck into operation, featuring the branding of BOL.

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14 November 2019

Workshop substrate production

Workshop substrate production for students

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13 June 2019

BOL in Kas Magazine

This week we are featured in the VPN's Kas Magazine together with our client Arie Bouman.

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