Up-to-date production location

From Hoek van Holland, we cover a large area, with a focus on the Westland region but also far beyond. We have modern facilities located at the Nieuw Oranjekanaal. On our 16,000 square meter site, we have an impressive 8,000 square meters of indoor space.

This comes with several advantages. It allows us to maintain a continuous inventory position and store products in a dry environment, protected from weather conditions. Moreover, with this ample space, we have the opportunity to blend batches of raw materials, a requirement for achieving a consistently uniform product throughout the year.

Short communication lines, quick response times

We understand better than anyone the importance of fast delivery. As a compact company, we maintain short communication lines. In our warehouses, we can quickly switch between various production processes, aided by an automated production line. Computer-controlled systems monitor the pH levels, regulate the nutrient supply with different types of fertilizers, and control humidity and volume. Additionally, our own fleet of trucks further enhances our flexibility.

Tailored advice

We prioritize communication because it benefits both you and us. During regular company visits, we also act as advisors, providing targeted tips and guidance. We have an answer to every question you have, offering professional advice that takes your interests into account. This makes BOL a pleasant partner to work with.



With the RHP certificate in hand, we are a reliable partner. RHP-certified substrates ensure an optimal start to cultivation. The RHP certification guarantees that the substrate meets the necessary quality requirements for factors such as water absorption, air content, pH, EC, and nutrients. It also provides assurance that the substrate is pure, clean, and safe for application without risks to cultivation.

Click here for our RHP certificate.