Tailor-made mixes

We are specialised in devolping and producing substrates tailor-made for individual nurseries and crop requirements. As a smaller company, we also have the flexibility to quickly switch between product blends. Year-round delivery is not a problem. All raw materials are stored in our warehouses in Hoek van Holland. This includes large products such as peat, clay, and coir, as well as items like volcanic rock, bark, and compost. We also keep an eye out for innovative developments. For instance, wood fiber, which can serve as an alternative to mitigate peat depletion.

Quality and continuity guaranteed

We source raw materials from all around the world, including countries like Ireland, Germany, the Baltic States, and Sweden, as well as more distant destinations such as India and Ghana. By collaborating with reliable importers, BOL can guarantee quality and continuity. The visual inspection by experienced staff also immediately reveals any quality differences.

Large covered storage space

All products have enough space on our site. This allows us to stock up raw materials that are less available during the winter period. Having large stocks also means we can efficiently combine batches, ensuring that the composition of raw materials remains consistent.