In 1982, Peter, the son, joins the company during a time when substrate cultivation is gaining ground, both literally and figuratively. With the rise of potted plant cultivation, the diversity in potting soil blends also increases. Peat is now sourced from Germany, Finland, and Sweden. By this time, the company already has three warehouses, and the mixing process is becoming computer-controlled. By becoming members of RHP (formerly known as RAG, Rijksbemestingsdepot voor de Akkerbouw en de Groenteteelt), father and son Bol demonstrate their commitment to product quality.

In the late 1980s, the growing business outgrew it's location in De Lier. In search of more space, J.C. Bol & Zn. relocates to a site along the Nieuw Oranjekanaal in Hoek van Holland. That location remains the active site of the company, now operating under the new name BOL. It is ideally situated with regard to the surrounding areas, including Westland and the B-driehoek. There is ample space for dry storage of a variety of raw materials and covered mixing operations. Mark Bol now leads the company as the third generation.