Mark Bol

We aim to surpass ourselves every day.

Since a young age, I have been accompanying my father to the company. At the age of sixteen, I started my permanent position, initially filling bags and sweeping the factory floor. Gradually, I was entrusted with more responsibilities. After completing my bachelor's degree in horticulture and crop production, I joined the business full-time. Our principle is "Based on quality." We strive to surpass ourselves each day.

Bram van Paassen

Together, we achieve the best substrate for your cultivation

As the son of a grower, I have been involved in the horticulture industry from a young age. What I find most rewarding is working together with customers to achieve the best substrate, allowing them to grow an even better product, reduce crop losses, or meet sustainable objectives. It is a personal challenge for me to raise the bar each year, keeping the work engaging and yielding the most beautiful results. I am responsible for sales and finances. Together with Mark Bol, I focus on the organization and vision of the company.

Mark van Santen, production manager

I ensure that every order is delivered to the customer on time

In 2018, I joined BOL as a truck driver/big bag filler. It quickly became apparent that I also had a knack for operating large machinery, and I progressed to operating the shovel for mixing raw materials. For the past year, I have been serving as the production manager, responsible for taking orders, creating schedules, ensuring timely delivery to customers, adding the appropriate fertilizers, receiving and inspecting incoming raw materials, and supervising production staff.

Eric Forschelen, advisor

No unnecessary frills, just an honest product.

As an independent advisor, I serve as a sparring partner for growers, propagators, breeding companies, and suppliers. With a passion for optimizing crops, I cannot overlook the importance of a high-quality substrate. BOL emphasizes quality in capital letters. BOL excels at delivering a consistently high-quality product year-round. No unnecessary frills, just an honest product. Despite being a small company, we are courageous and have renowned names in our customer portfolio, enjoying international reputation.

Karin van Hasenbroek, administrative assistant

I handle all the other tasks that come with it

I also feel at home in the horticulture. I grew up in this environment and pursued an agricultural education, which naturally led me to continue working in this innovative sector. At BOL, there is always a variety of tasks behind the scenes that I get to be involved in. What makes it so enjoyable is the diversity of the work, as it encompasses a range of different activities. BOL is constantly evolving, which means that in addition to handling orders and some financial tasks, I also get to contribute to project-related matters.