2 May 2024

Trials in potted rose cultivation

We have been supplying the substrate for pot roses to BM Roses since August 2023. BM Roses grows seven colors of pot roses in pot sizes 10.5 centimeters and 12 centimeters and is one of the larger pot rose growers in Europe.

Many different tests have been set up since then. The tests are aimed at mixing more circular raw materials into the substrate, a 100% peat-free substrate and tests have been set up to see how the costs of the substrate can be reduced. Of course without loss of quality of the pot roses.

"We do trials with different raw materials to learn more about the effects on pot roses. Of course, not everything goes well at once, but that's where you learn from," says Jaime van Marrewijk, owner of BM Roses.

Bram van Paassen indicates that the tests are taken seriously by both parties. "I come here every two to three weeks to look at the tests. This is the basis of a successful collaboration in which you can ultimately achieve positive results"