26 januari 2022

Nieuwe Big Bale Pers in gebruik

We are proud to announce that the new Big Bale Press has produced its first big bales.

Due to the increasing demand for substrate in big bales, we have invested in a Big Bale Press.

What are the advantages of working with big bales?

  • The water-resistant packaging allows for storage both indoors and outdoors, with no dusting.
  • The packaging ensures high hygiene standards.
  • Depending on the mixture, each bale can hold up to a maximum volume of 6 cubic meters, resulting in a larger volume per pallet space.
  • You can choose the desired volume per bale within a certain range.
  • Lower transport costs per cubic meter.
  • Clear overview of available stock.

We are excited to offer our customers these benefits and look forward to continuing to meet their substrate needs with our new Big Bale Press.