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Geplaatst op: 13-09-2018

Four seasons in one day

It's a windy September day and I'm in the car on my way to a customer of Bol Potgrond. I have an appointment to discuss possibilities on a trail with a soil additive to reduce mildew risk for his Ranunculus substrate. On the radio the classic song Four seasons In One Day from Crowded House is playing. It couldn't be more appropriate. Not that the meeting went wrong, but as I walked into the greenhouse I was greeted by a great looking Poinsettia crop. It's not Christmas yet but with such strong and healty looking roots this crop can't be any less than a great success.


Going in to the next house there where spring crops also looking great as well as some mother stock plants growing well and delivering plenty of cuttings.

The next greenhouse they were finishing their last bits of summer crop Catharanthus with dark green foliage and again... healthy roots.

Here I am. I find myself discussing a winter crop and an additive that will possibly contribute to a stronger tissue and as such makes the plant less susceptible against mildew. Really? Do they need it?

As I walk out I do hear myself humming:

Even when you're feeling warm

The temperature could drop away

Like four seasons in one day

Zie ook: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/four-seasons-one-day-eric-forschelen/?published=t

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